A Sprinkle of Spring 早春常日


The clothing brand ATE SIMO will be hosting a POP UP event at Septième from March 30th to April 7th, 2024. As March comes to an end, we invite everyone to Septième to enjoy a sprinkle of spring, preview ATE SIMO's selected pieces from previous seasons as well as the new collection, and share the leisurely and relaxed atmosphere from spring to early summer. 


独立服装设计品牌ATE SIMO于2024年3月30日至4月7日在Septieme空间举办POP UP活动——A Sprinkle of Spring早春常日,除精选的往季单品外,此次活动还特别呈现了ATE SIMO 「COLLECTION 006 系列六」部分新作。新系列延续了品牌的核心表达——专注“面料、结构、细节”的平衡,为日常提供简明有序且舒适的设计。





The Main Room
The Light Room
The Garden
The Black Room




Focusing on the balanced harmony of「fabric, structure and details」, ATE SIMO designs for daily wear, presents the charm of concise and exquisite. The balance between「details and the whole」is not only ATE SIMO's daily contemplation but also the foremost consideration in the process of design and production. They believe that the best state of a piece of clothing upon completion is when all the details vanish, merging into a coherent entirety. Hence, we focus on harmonizing 'natural textured fabrics, orderly structures and intricate details' to achieve a natural, effortless, and comfortable wear.


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